Bessed: Human-Guided Search

Search engines are often great, but sometimes they frustrate you. You type in some words and get a bunch of links back, but you can’t figure out which of the links will answer your question or solve your problem. Sometimes it would be nice to have a person recommend the best links for your need, or at least make sense of the many sites that claim to solve your problem. That’s the goal of Bessed (pronounced “Best”).

Each page on Bessed features links to at least 5 to 10 of the best sites for the topic you’re interested in, with descriptions of each link so you know what to expect before you visit a site. No need to stare at a page and try to understand its purpose, because Bessed will have already told you what you can see or do at each site.

Think of Bessed as a tour guide — sometimes it’s fun to explore on your own, but other times it’s nice to get information or advice from someone who’s been there before.

One last note. Bessed is NOT a search engine, but instead a complement to the good work that those engines do. That means two things:

  1. Bessed is written by real people; the links you see here are not produced by a computer-based algorithm.
  2. Because Bessed is written by real people, it does not include every possible search in the world. While we are expanding every day, it is not humanly possible to create a page for every possible search, much less keep those pages updated and useful. But we hope the pages that you do find here will make your search more satisfying.