Vintage Mickey Mouse Collectibles

Q. What are some good sites for finding old, vintage Mickey Mouse collectibles?

A. You probably won’t be surprised to find that eBay is a hub for vintage & antique Mickey collectibles, but there are lesser-known sites with good items, too. Check out the links below and tell us in the comments if you know of others.

1. Pre-1968 Mickey Mouse Collectibles at eBay – If you’re looking for the really old Mickey Mouse collectibles, this page will take you to the many offerings from eBay auction sellers. Over 2,000 items last time we visited, including toys, figurines (including figures from Japan), watches, record players, comic books, mugs and more. (

2. Mickey Mouse Collectibles Post-1968 on eBay – If it doesn’t have to be 40 years old to qualify as antique in your book, here are eBay’s many other Mickey Mouse collectible auctions, over 30,000 of them last time we visited, including Mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments, pins, alarm clocks, watches, figurines, telephones, drinking glasses, plush toys and more from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and some new stuff mixed in as well. (

3. The Internet Antique Shop – Good selection of vintage Mickey figurines, mugs, lamps, cookie jars, assorted toys, and more. (

4. – Large online marketplace has vintage Mickey Mouse collectibles from a range of sellers, including Mickey Mouse phones, watches, gumball machines, stuffed Mickeys, pins, Christmas ornaments, more. Note that some of these are actual vintage Mickey antiques, while others are reproductions of vintage designs. (

5. – Plenty of antique Mickey Mouse toys and figurines here, along with Mickey Mouse watches, phones, keychains, cups and plates, more. (

6. Ruby Lane – A little over two dozen vintage Mickey items at this antiques marketplace, including Mickey Mouse puppets, bank, Christmas items, postcards, toys, more. (

7. The Official Price Guide to Mickey Mouse Collectibles – This book claims to put a value on over 6,000 vintage Mickey Mouse collectible items. (

8. Craigslist – This link takes you to current listings for vintage / antique Mickey Mouse collectibles from Craigslist classifieds sites nationwide. We saw Mickey Mouse watches, Pez dispensers, telephones, lunch boxes, etc. (

9. Collectible Mickey Mouse Watches at Todd Girard’s Watches – A couple of Mickey Mouse watches from the 1970s and 1980s here, with Mickey’s arms serving as the watch hands. Not exactly antique, but definitely old school. (

10. Vintage Mickey Mouse Valentine’s Day Card – Old antique Valentine card with Mickey returning to Earth via parachute into another mouse’s arms. (Minnie?) Not for sale, but interesting. (

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