Starbucks Mugs

Q. Where can I find Starbucks mugs for sale, especially old discontinued mugs like the city mug series?

A. You can buy new Starbucks mugs straight from the Starbucks online store, but for discontinued mugs you’ll have to check eBay and the other collectible / antique shops listed below:

1. The Starbucks Store – Last we looked you could buy a Starbucks logo mug, or a variety of other styles, including stackable mugs. Elsewhere at the store are Starbucks travel mugs for hot or cold drinks, and Starbucks cold cups. (

2. eBay – Over 5,000 Starbucks mugs up for auction or immediate sale here, including both Starbucks logo ceramic coffee mugs and stainless steel travel mugs / tumblers. If you’re a collector, this is a good place to find Starbucks collectible city mugs and global mugs (including discontinued mugs) for locations including Seattle, Chicago, Paris, Toronto, Scotland, London, Lake Tahoe, Bangkok, Switzerland, Madrid, many more. (

3. – Over 200 Starbucks mugs from a variety of sellers at this site, including older discontinued cups and mugs, city and country mugs, Starbucks green mermaid logo mugs, Starbucks art mugs, more. (

4. Amazon Marketplace – About 60 Starbucks mugs sold by various Amazon retail partners, including Starbucks city mugs & country mugs from New York City, San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, St. Louis, Phoenix, and more, insulated travel mugs, oversize Starbucks logo ceramic mugs, handpainted Italian Starbucks mugs, more. (

5. Go Antiques – About a dozen vintage Starbucks mugs for sale at this antiques site, including (on our last visit) city / country mugs for Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Starbucks Christmas mugs, and more. (

6. Craigslist – This link takes you to listings for Starbucks mugs for sale on Craigslist classifieds sites nationwide. (

7. – They’re not selling mugs here, but they do have a database of over 2000 Starbucks mugs, with photos uploaded from all over the world. (

8. Grande Iced Latte With A Tutu: Alice + Olivia For Starbucks – October 2013 article on the Starbucks mug from designer brand Alice + Olivia that featured the mug wearing a tutu. (

9. Starbucks Order Gives Mug Maker a Jolt – A small number of Starbucks mugs are now being made in the USA, specifically Ohio, and this June 2012 article explains how that came to be and why. (

10. Starbucks in Hot Water Over Bao Gong Mugs – August 2011 article about a descendant of 11th century Chinese judge Bao Zheng / Bao Gong expressing unhappiness at Starbuckls putting the judge on its mug for the Hefei city mug. (

11. Rare Starbucks Mug Sold for $2020 on eBay – November, 2008 blog post about an antique Starbucks Minneapolis city mug that fetched over $2000 in an eBay auction. (

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