Pull Up Christmas Trees

Q. Where can I find those artificial Christmas trees that pull up into a fully decorated tree?

A. Below are 5 good online sources for pull up & pop up Christmas trees.

  • The Bradford Exchange – A few pull up / pop up Christmas trees for sale here, including traditional styles from Thomas Kinkade as well as a Disney-themed pre-lit pull up tree. (www.bradfordexchange.com)
  • eBay – About 40 new and used pull up Christmas trees up for auction or immediate sale on our last visit here, including pre-lit and/or pre-decorated pull up trees, Thomas Kinkade brand trees, more. (www.ebay.com)
  • The Lakeside Collection – A couple of 6-foor pull-up/pop-up trees for sale for just $50. (www.lakeside.com)
  • Improvements Catalog – Offers a 6-foot pull up, pre-lit & pre-decorated Christmas tree for about $200. (www.improvementscatalog.com)
  • S&S Worldwide – A half dozen pull-up Christmas trees for sale here, with various options as far as decorations and lights go. (www.ssww.com)