Kay Jewelers Credit Card

The Kay Jewelers credit card allows you to charge purchases at Kay Jewelers (and Kay Jewelers only; it is not accepted anywhere else). In particular, the Kay Jewelers credit card offers 0% financing on larger purchases — at last check, you could finance purchases of $500 or more for 12 months at a 0% rate. A 20% down payment on the total purchase is still necessary in order to get the 0% offer.

The 0% financing offer is a “deferred interest” offer. This means that you must pay ALL of your balance within the 12-month promotional period to get the 0% offer. If you don’t pay it all off, or if you make a late payment during that period, you will get charged all of the interest that would’ve collected since the day you made the purchase, as if the 0% interest rate had never happened. If that happens, your interest rate will instead be 26.99%, which is the standard interest rate for the Kay card on regular purchases.

That said, if you choose to get the Kay Jewelers credit card, or if you already have it, here are the key links and info to know:

  • Kay Jewelers Credit Card Application / Prequalification – If you are considering the Kay credit card, you can go here to “prequalify” for acceptance. It’s essentially the same as an application, though in truth it doesn’t make any sense to apply for the card unless you are ready to make a purchase and get the 0% financing offer — so prequalifying makes sense.
  • Kay Jewelers Credit Card Online Account Login – Log in to your Kay credit card account here to make an online payment or otherwise manage your account. Note that the login page is from Comenity Bank, the bank that actually issues the credit card on behalf of Kay Jewelers.

Still need help? Kay Jewelers Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number: 855-506-2499