Ally Smart Lease

Q. How does the Ally Smart Lease program work?

A. Ally Auto offers varying lease options for passenger vehicles, including the ability to get pre-approved for your lease terms when you buy through GM, Chrysler, or Maserati dealerships, plus Thor Industries RVs. The Ally web site offers information on why you might choose to lease over buy, as well the as a payment calculator, and other details. See the links below for key pages about the Ally SmartLease process.

1. Ally Auto Financing – Ally SmartLease Overview – Home page for information on the Ally Smart Lease program, including info on mileage options, payment options and more. (

2. Ally Business SmartLease – Get information on Ally leasing options for business use vehicles. No online pre-approval; you must visit a dealer to apply. (

3. Ally SmartLease Lease-End FAQ – Answers basic questions about what happens when your Smart Lease term is up, including your options for keeping or returning the vehicle, when you get your security deposit back, returning your vehicle before lease end or extending the term of the lease, more. (

4. Contact Ally Auto Finance Customer Service – Go here for the phone number to contact Ally if you have questions or problems related to the Smart Lease program. (

5. Ally SmartLease Payment Options – Go here for information on how to make SmartLease payments, including online bill pay, paying by mail (payment mailing address is listed here), or payment by telephone. (

6. Ally SmartLease – Dealer FAQs – This page offers information about Ally SmartLease for dealers — how to calculate payments, SmartLease training opportunities, and more. (

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