Ally Auto Loans (formerly GMAC Auto Loans)

Q. Where can I find information, including contact info, for Ally Auto Loans (GMAC)?

Q. Ally Auto is now the official name of what was GMAC, and the Web site has changed from the previous GMAC site. Use the links below to find the info you’ll want about Ally.

1. Ally Auto Financing and Leasing – Official Site – Home page of Ally financing for car loans, truck loans and leases. You can get information on loans and leases. locate a dealer where you can apply for a loam through Ally, or log in to your account to make online loan payments, view billing history, request a loan payoff amount, etc. (

2. Ally Auto Account Center Login & Bill Pay – Go here for direct access to your existing Ally automobile loan account, to make payments, set up recurring payments, update account information, request your payoff balance, more. (

3. Contact Ally Auto – Get the phone number for Ally Auto customer service as well as a payment mailing address here. (

4. Ally Personal Auto Leasing – If you’re interested in leasing instead of buying, go here for information on the Ally Auto lease program. (

5. Compare Ally Buying & Leasing Options – Use this page to understand the differences between buying or leasing a vehicle, as well as the Ally Buyer’s Choice program, which is sort of a hybrid loan arrangement that allows you to sell your vehicles back to Ally at a predetermined price after 4 or 5 years. (

6. Ally Business Auto Financing and Leasing – Go here for information on Ally auto loans for vehicles used by your business. (

7. Ally Auto Frequently Asked Questions – Go here for answers to common questions about Ally loans and loan payments, lease details, and more. (

8. Ally Rebrands Auto Financing Unit to Drop “GMAC” – July 2010 article on the “Ally” brand replacing GMAC on auto loans and other financial products provided by the company. (

9. Ally to Pay $98 Million for Car Loan Bias – December 2013 news article about Ally Financial agreeing to pay $98 million in refunds and penalties for allegedly allowing dealers who financed its loans to mark up interest rates beyond what a person’s credit profile would suggest. The government alleged that dealers used the practice particularly on Hispanic, African-American, and Asian/Pacific Islander customers. (

10. Ally Financial Bets on Risky Subprime Car Loans – May 2011 article reports on Ally increasing the number of auto loans it is making to riskier buyers with shakier credit histories — a move that history shows can be disastrous. (

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