Ally Auto Loan Payoff (formerly GMAC)

Q. How do I get a payoff amount for my Ally / GMAC auto loan?

A. You can get your Ally Auto loan payoff balance online at See the links below to learn how to do that:

  • Can I Arrange to Pay Off My Financed Vehicle Online? – This link shows you how to get your Ally Auto loan payoff amount and actually schedule your final car payment online. (
  • Contact Ally Auto Finance Customer Service – Click through for the phone number to reach Ally Auto Finance if you have questions about paying off your auto loan. You may also be able to get your payoff balance by phone, but we are not sure of that. (
  • GMAC Unreasonable and Rude – GMAC Auto Loan Payoff – This June 2009 rant against Ally Auto / GMAC comes from a customer who lost his or her job and had to leave the U.S., asking GMAC to forgive part of the auto loan in exchange for an immediate payoff. The writer says GMAC agreed then changed its mind. (