First National Bank of Omaha Credit Card Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my First National Bank of Omaha credit card bill?

A. You can pay your First National Bank bill online, you can set up automatic payments, or you can mail in a payment. The links below will lead you to all of those options as well as pages that will help if you need to contact First National Omaha:

  • First National Bank Omaha Login & Bill Pay – Go here to log in to your First National Bank of Omaha credit card account and pay your bill online. If you haven’t paid online in the past, use the “Enroll” link found at the site to register for online access. (
  • First National Bank of Omaha Credit Card Payment Mailing Address – Within this page of contact information is the credit card payment mailing address for First Omaha — it is Bankcard Payment Processing, PO Box 2557, Omaha, NE 68103-2557. (

  • First National Omaha Credit Card Customer Service – Go here to find the phone number for First National Bank customer service if you have questions about paying your credit card bill. (
  • First National Omaha – Enroll for Online Credit Card Account Access – If you haven’t paid your First National Bank of Omaha credit card bill online in the past, you’ll need to go here to register for online account access in order to pay online. (
  • First National Bank Omaha – Credit Card FAQ – This page of answers to common questions about First National Omaha credit cards includes information about paying your credit card bill online or by mail, including when online payments post to your account, how far in advance you can make a payment, etc. (
  • First National Omaha AutoPay – Go here to learn how to set up automatic payments on your First National credit card bill each month. (
  • Log In and Pay from First National Home Page – Another way to make an online credit card payment is to simply sign in to your account from the First National Omaha home page. Look in the upper left-hand corner for the login area. (

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