Crowns In Heaven

Throughout the Bible there are references to “crowns” that believers can earn in Heaven as their reward for Christian faithfulness on Earth. These are not literal crowns, of course, but instead can be thought of as rewards given only to those who have behaved correctly or who have actively carried out Christian ministries in life.

There are five “crowns”:

  • The Crown of Life – Given to those who remain faithful despite trials and suffering, including death.
  • The Crown of Rejoicing – Given to those who evangelize to others outside the Christian faith.
  • The Incorruptible Crown, or Imperishable Crown – Given to those who practice self-denial and perseverance in the face of Earthly temptations and rewards. Earthly rewards will perish, but not the rewards of Heaven.
  • The Crown of Righteousness – Given to those who have not wavered in their faith and who anticipate the Second Coming of Christ.
  • The Crown of Glory – Given to Christian clergy and other teachers/leaders who “shepherd” others along the path to knowing God.