Buy Now Pay Later

Q. Where can I shop online that allows me to buy today but pay later?

A. Below are over 15 links that will help you find stores that allow you to buy now and pay later, from clothing to electronics to furniture:

  • Rent-A-Center – “Rent to own” is sometimes thought of as interchangeable with “buy now pay later” because you get the item you want and pay for it over a period of time (usually at a high interest rate). Rent-A-Center is one of the best known rent-to-own stores, offering furniture, TVs and other electronics, computers, major appliances and more on a Buy Now Pay Later basis. There’s no credit check, making it attractive for those with bad credit histories. (
  • Fingerhut – Fingerhut is a Buy Now Pay Later catalog that offers you credit to make purchases within the Fingerhut catalog of furniture and other home furnishings, electronics, etc. Fingerhut is known to offer financing to bad credit customers who might not be able to get credit otherwise. You can apply for Fingerhut credit online. (

  • Amazon Financing Offers – Amazon offers a semi Buy Now Pay Later option in that you can buy any item with a purchase price of at least $149 and get 6 months to pay without interest charges. However, to do so you must sign up for the Amazon store credit card (or have one already). Amazon also offers certain 12-month and 24-month no interest financing on certain high end TV and entertainment systems. (
  • Apple Store Credit – No Interest For 6, 12 or 18 Months – Buying an iPhone or other Apple product? You can buy now, pay later with financing that lets you pay over a 6-month, 12-month, or 18-month period, depending on the cost of the item(s) you buy. (
  • HSN FlexPay – Not totally Buy Now Pay Later, but when you buy from this home shopping site, you can have your purchase price spread out over 5 months, allowing you to pay a portion up front but then getting almost half a year to finish your payments. (
  • QVC Easy Pay – The QVC QCard credit card allows to you to buy today and pay over 3 months with no extra charge. You can also find other Easy Pay buy now/pay later offers of longer lengths on electronics when you shop (
  • Montgomery Ward – What used to be a well-known department store chain that went bankrupt now exists in name only as an online retailer that specializes in buy now pay later credit purchases. (
  • Seventh Avenue – Clothing and housewares store offers its Choose n Charge buy now pay later plan for online or catalog orders. (
  • Ginny’s – Buy now pay later catalog store appears to be owned by the same company that owns Montgomery Ward and Seventh Avenue listed above. Offers mainly housewares but also women’s clothing, health & beauty products and more. (
  • GAP – While most people wouldn’t think of the Gap as a “buy now pay later” store, the fact is that you can apply for a GAP credit card and be approved and use it all on the same day, and even get 15% off on that first day’s purchases. It can also be used at Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta. (
  • Gettington – Sister store to Fingerhut above, offering you short-term or long-term financing on your purchases. (
  • Lowe’s Credit Card – If you buy over $299 with this card, you can take up to 6 months to pay off the purchase. But be careful, if you don’t pay it off in time you’ll get hit with interest charges from the date of purchase at a 24.99% interest rate. (
  • Walmart Credit Cards – You can apply for a Walmart credit card and make purchases today and pay later. (
  • AJ Madison – Appliance and electronics retailer allows you to buy today and take up to 12 months to pay later at 0% interest. But be careful; you must pay off your complete balance or you’ll be socked with high interest backdated from the purchase date. (
  • CareCredit – Care Credit is sort of a “buy now pay later” for medical procedures. In particular it’s intended for cosmetic procedures not covered by insurance that you might not be able to pay all at once, such as cosmetic dental procedures, LASIK eye surgery and more. Also can be used at many veterinarians and at Rite Aid pharmacies & stores. (