Bealls Credit Card

Q. How do I get a Bealls credit card, and how can I pay my Bealls bill?

A. First things first, there are actually two Bealls store chains — one based in Florida, and one based in Texas as part of the Stage Stores company. While the Bealls Florida stores are probably more well known, both chains have their own credit card, so be sure you’re applying for the correct card and going to the correct site to make a bill payment. The links below should make it clear what to do:

1. Bealls Florida Credit Card – Go here to apply for a credit card or make an online payment on your current credit card account from Bealls Inc., the Florida-based retail chain that runs Bealls, Bealls Outlet, and Burke’s Outlet. (

2. Bealls (Texas) Credit Card – Use this credit card application if you want to apply for the card used at the Houston, TX based Stage Stores chains including Bealls, Palais Royal, Peebles and Stage. You can also go here to log in to your existing credit card account and make a payment, view account balance, etc. Card is issued by Comenity Bank (formerly World Financial Network National Bank / WFNNB). (

3. Bealls Outlet Credit Card – Apply online for this Bealls Outlet credit card that can be used at over 500 stores in the Bealls (Florida) chain. You can also get account access for making payments online if you’re an existing customer. Issued by Comenity Bank. (

4. Burke’s Outlet Credit Card – This link is basically the same as the Bealls Outlet link above, except it’s for Burke’s Outlet — Burke’s is the name Bealls Florida uses when its stores exist in the same market as the Texas-based Bealls chain. (

5. Bealls Florida Credit Card – Contact Us – Go here to get a bill payment address for your Bealls Florida credit card or a customer service phone number. (

6. Bealls (Texas) Credit Card – Contact Us – Get the mailing address to pay your bill if you have the Bealls Texas / Stage Stores credit card. You’ll also find a customer service phone number here if you need help. (

7. Bealls Florida Credit Card – First Time User Registration – If you want online access to your Bealls credit card account to pay your bill online or otherwise manage the account, go here to register and get started. (

8. Article – Business Buzz: Bealls’ Credit Cards to Change – August 2008 article on Bealls Florida changing its credit card offerings, moving to a partnership in which Alliance Data handles its credit card portfolio. (

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