AT&T Universal Card Login

Q. Where do I log in to my AT&T Universal Card account?

A. Below are 6 links that will lead you to login pages for the (no-longer-offered) AT&T Universal Card as well as customer service links if you have any trouble logging in:

1. Log In from AT&T Universal Card Home Page – The home page of the site dedicated to the AT&T Universal Card includes a login area along the right-hand side. Go there to log in or use the Register button if you haven’t accessed your account online before. (

2. AT&T Universal Secure Sign-On – This is simply a different page where you can log on to your AT&T Universal Card account and pay your bill, manage your account, etc. It is located on the site of Citibank, the actual issuer of the card. (

3. AT&T Universal Card – Register For Online Access – If you have an AT&T Universal Card but you have not previously registered to get a User ID and password in order to access your account online, you can get registered via this link. (

4. AT&T Universal Card Customer Service – if you are having any trouble logging in to your AT&T Universal Card account, the phone number for customer service can be found here. (

5. AT&T Universal Business Card Customer Service – If you are an AT&T Universal business credit card customer, this is the page where you’ll find the customer service telephone number specific to business customers. (

6. Citi Credit Cards Login – Because the AT&T Universal Card is issued in partnership with Citibank, you should also be able to use this login page on the Citi site to access your AT&T credit card account. (

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