Ally Bank Locations (formerly GMAC Bank)

Q. Where can I find Ally Bank locations and bank branches?

A. This question is asked by many people, and the reason it’s difficult to find Ally Bank branches is that there are none. Ally Bank is an Internet-only bank, meaning all transactions are done online or via phone or mail — there are no physical branches to visit. Need more proof? Check out the links below for confirmation:

  • Ally Bank – About Us – Click through to this page and you’ll find this paragraph: “As an online bank, our customers manage accounts on their phones, tablets or desktop computers. Without physical branch locations, we can offer great rates, around-the-clock support and easy access to cash at any ATM nationwide.” (
  • – As an Internet only bank, is the only location for customers of Ally Bank to interact with the company and learn how to open accounts and manage the money you have with Ally Bank. (

  • Ally Bank ATM Locations – While Ally Bank does not have any physical locations, it does offer ATM services at a variety of locations, PLUS it will refund any ATM fees you get from ATMs that do charge a fee. Click through to get a list of local ATMs. (
  • Ally Bank Login – If you are already a customer of Ally Bank, the main “location” of the bank for you is this password-protected area in which you manage your accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, etc. Log in here — if you don’t yet have a username and password, there’s a link that tells you how to contact the bank to get those. (
  • Ally Bank Mailing Addresses – While you’re not invited to visit these locations, here you will find the Philadelphia address for Ally Bank if you want to mail in a deposit slip or endorsed check, as well as a Horsham Pennsylvania address for general correspondence with the bank. (
  • Ally Financial Key Locations – This link offers a list of corporate locations of Ally Financial, the parent company of Ally Bank, including the Ally Financial headquarters in Detroit Michigan, the Ally Bank headquarters in Midvale Utah, and corporate centers in 9 other states. Note that these are NOT Ally Bank branches, but corporate offices. (

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