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Search engines are often great, but sometimes they frustrate you. You type in some words and get a bunch of links back, but you can’t figure out which of the links will answer your question or solve your problem. Sometimes it would be nice to have a person recommend the best links for your need, or at least make sense of the many sites that claim to solve your problem. That’s the goal of Bessed (pronounced “Best”).


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Rollback Tow Trucks For Sale

Q. Where can I find listings for rollback / flatbed tow trucks for sale online?

A. There are plenty of sources for rollbacks, but it take some digging to find them. Luckily, we did the digging for you — and here’s a list of 20+ sites to check for rollback tow trucks for sale.

1. eBay Motors - Over 100 rollback tow trucks up for auction or immediate sale on our last visit here, including used International, Chevy, GMC, Freightliner, Ford, Peterbilt, Nissan UD, more. Models from 2014 back to 1986. (

2. Medium Duty Rollbacks at - Over 500 mostly used medium-duty rollback tow trucks here, including Chevrolet Ford, International, Freightliner, GMC, Hino, Sterling, Isuzu, Peterbilt, UD, Kenworth and Mack tow trucks. Elsewhere on this site are heavy duty flatbed tow trucks, those with a GVW of over 26,000 lbs. (


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Used Pickup Trucks

Q. What are some good sites for finding used pickup trucks?

A. Below you’ll find the handful of sites we’d suggest trying first if you need a used pickup:

1. AOL Autos - Thousands of used pickup trucks listed for sale here from dealers nationwide. You may need (or want) to enter your zip code to narrow the selection to the used pickups for sale near you. (

2. eBay Motors - Over 1500 used and certified pre-owned pickup trucks from sellers across the country up for auction or immediate sale, including both late model Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan pickup trucks as well as vintage Dodge, Ford and Chevy pickups. You can narrow the selection by location of pickup, year, maker, or other criteria. (


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Pay Target Bill

Q. What are my options for paying my Target credit card bill?

A. You can pay your Target credit card bill online or by mail, and possibly by phone. The links below will take you to all of your options:

1. REDCard Sign In - Pay your Target bill online here — log in to manage your Target Red Card store credit card or Target Visa, including the ability to make an online payment as well as view balances, purchase history, past payments, and to change account information. (

2. Target Credit Card Mailing Address & Customer Service Phone Number - Get the Target National Bank credit card bill payment mailing address here (Target Card Services, P.O. Box 660170, Dallas, TX. 75266-0170) as well as a phone number to contact customer service (1-888-755-5856). (


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Target Credit Card Application

Q. How can I apply for a Target credit card? Where is the application?

A. You can apply via the Internet, or download an application online that you can either send in or bring in to a Target store to apply. Check out the links below for application and other relevant info on the Target Red Card credit card:

1. Target Credit Card Online Application - Use this link to go directly to the Target credit card application and apply for a REDcard online. (

2. Printable Target Credit Account Application - Print out this Target credit card application, fill it out, and send it in via regular mail to the address shown on the application. The application is in PDF format. (


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Orchard Bank (now Capital One) Online Payment

Q. How do I make my Orchard Bank credit card payment?

A. By this point you should be aware that Orchard Bank credit cards no longer exist, having been purchased by Capital One and re-branded as Capital One credit cards. Therefore, you will make your payments via the Capital One site:

1. Capital One Credit Card Account Login and Bill Pay - Use your Login ID and password to gain access to your former Orchard Bank (now Capital One) account and pay your credit card bill online. If you don’t yet have an ID and password, click the “Register” button to start the process for online access. (

2. Enroll in Capital One Online Banking - If you haven’t already established online access with Capital One, you can register your account here. (


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Used Commercial Refrigerators

Q.Where can I find used, commercial grade refrigerators for sale?

A. There are only a handful of places we could find online, which are listed below.

1. eBay - Over 800 used commercial grade refrigerators and coolers up for auction or immediate sale here, including large stainless steel commercial refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators, glass door beverage display coolers, large meat case / refrigerators, sandwich board and other foodservice units with under counter refrigerator, more. Brands we saw include True Manufacturing, McCall, Coldtech, Jordan, Continental, Victory, Delfield, Hobart, Rendell, Traulsen, more. (

2. - Over 50 used commercial refrigerators and coolers for sale online, including big stainless steel refrigerators, work top units with under counter refrigerators, glass door beverage coolers, and more, from manufacturers including True, Beverage-Air, HussMann, Victory, Delfield, Traulsen, Fogel, Continental, Hobart, more. (


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Comenity Bank Credit Cards (formerly WFNNB)

Q. What is up with Comenity Bank / WFNNB? Who are they and how do I reach them if I have a problem?

A. Comenity Bank is a bank that issues many credit cards in partnership with retail stores or other businesses. It was formerly know as World Financial Network Bank (or WFNNB), and is a subsidiary of Alliance Data, a company that provides a variety of “private label” financial services for retailers and other clients.


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Synchrony Bank Payment (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank)

Q. How can I make my Synchrony Bank payment?

A. Synchrony Bank (which has officially changed its name from GE Capital Retail Bank) is the company behind many retail credit cards and other financing products, so we can’t say for sure how to pay every bill associated with Synchrony Bank, BUT most Synchrony Bank payments can be made online through the Synchrony site or by phone or mail at the central Synchrony Bank customer service locations. Use the links below and you should be able to get your payment taken care of:

1. Synchrony Bank Customer Login and Bill Payment - Use this page to log in immediately to your Synchrony Bank account to make a payment. You can also register for online access if you haven’t already. (

2. Synchrony Bank Customer Service Phone Numbers - If you are having payment problems and need to contact Synchrony Bank / GE Capital Retail Bank, this page shows you where to find a contact phone number on your credit card or credit card bill, and also provides a customer service numberĀ (1-866-419-4096) if you can’t find one otherwise. (


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Home Depot Credit Card Application

Q. How can I apply for a Home Depot credit card?

A. You can apply for all current Home Depot credit cards online as well as in Home Depot stores. Below are links to applications for the main Home Depot credit cards, along with a few other links related to the cards that might also be helpful.

1. Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Application - This link takes you directly to the Home Depot consumer credit card application. This card is issued in partnership with Citibank, and the online application is actually on the Citi Web site. (

2. The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Account Application - Apply online for this Home Depot credit card for business use, which allows you to track purchases by PO name or Job Name / Job Number. This card can be paid off each month or you can choose to “revolve” balances from one billing period to the next. (


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“Jesus Is The Reason For The Season” Signs & Lights

Q. Where can I find signs or lights that remind us “Jesus is the reason for the season” at Christmas?

A. Despite the fact that this saying/slogan has become increasingly popular in recent years, it is still not so easy to find resources for signs or lighting displays that proclaim the message. However, we have listed 10 sites below where you will find indoor or outdoor decorations that do just that:

1. Christmas Lights Etc. - Red, white and green lights make up this lit yard sign reminding passers-by of the reason for the season. (

2. eBay - Over 100 banners, signs, and displays with the message “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” here, up for auction or immediate sale. You’ll also see other items with this message, too, including tins, ornaments, clothing, more. (


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Synchrony Bank Credit Cards (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank)

Q. What information is available about credit cards issued by Synchrony Bank / GE Capital Retail Bank?

A. Synchrony Bank (formerly named GE Capital Retail Bank) is the issuing bank behind many well-known retailer credit cards, including Wal-Mart credit cards, the JCPenney credit card, Care Credit medical financing, and many more. (The bank was formerly part of General Electric, but was spun off into a new company named Synchrony Bank.) If you have a card issued by Synchrony Bank / GE Capital and need information on the card or need to contact the company, the links below should get you started.

1. Synchrony Bank / GE Capital Credit Cards - Retail Partners - This page lists 29 retailer partners that issue their credit cards in partnership with Synchrony Bank / GE Capital, along with customer service phone numbers for each one, including Amazon, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dillard’s, eBay, GAP, Ikea, JCPenney, Lowe’s, Old Navy, Sam’s Club, TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart and more. (

2. Synchrony Bank / GE Capital Credit Card - Online Login and Bill Pay - If you already have a Synchrony Bank / GE Capital credit card, go here to log in or register online and make a bill payment, check your balance, update your account information, etc. (



Business Credit Cards

Q. What are some credit cards especially for businesses?

A. There are plenty of business credit cards on the market, including corporate credit cards and small business credit cards. Below we offer a list of both types. Note that small business credit cards usually require a personal guarantee from the owner, meaning the debt on the card is the responsibility of the individual, not just the business.

1. American Express Corporate Card Programs - American Express offers a variety of corporate charge cards, most with some sort of rewards program. (

2. American Express Small Business Credit Cards - A dozen American Express cards for small businesses are available, including charge cards (balance must be paid in full each month) and credit cards (you can make a partial payment each month if you choose). (


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PayPal Credit Card Login

Q. How do I log in to my PayPal credit card account?

A. To reach your PayPal credit card account online, you actually have to log in to your standard PayPal account, then look in the My Account tab and find the Card Details option. That is how you reach your PayPal credit card account — you can’t log in to the card account directly, you must go through the PayPal home page and log on there. Use the links below to log in and reach your PayPal credit card account.

1. PayPal Login (and PayPal Credit Card Login) - As explained above, you can only reach your PayPal credit card account online by first logging in to your regular PayPal account. (

2. How Do I Make A Payment To My PayPal Extras MasterCard? - Click through and this page will tell you exactly how to reach your PayPal credit card account once logged in to PayPal. (


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Used Bounce Houses

Q. Where can I find used bounce houses for sale?

A. Below are links to several sources for used bounce houses, including reasonably-priced inflatable bouncers for home use as well as large commercial bounce houses.

1. eBay - On our last visit we saw about 100 used bounce houses up for sale, including standard bounce houses, castles, bounce houses with slides, houses with built-in games, themed bounce houses with Thomas the Tank Engine, Strawberry Shortcake, more. You’ll find used replacement fans / blowers for a bounce house here, too. (

2. Party Inflatables Inc. - Good selection of used bounce houses for sale, as well as bounce slide combos, inflatable games and obstacle courses, etc. (


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Merrick Bank Credit Cards

Q. What can you tell me about Merrick Bank credit cards?

A. Merrick Bank offers credit cards to customers with all types of credit histories, but it is probably mostly known for its credit cards for bad credit customers. Many of Merrick Bank’s unsecured credit cards have high interest and high fees, while its secured card requires you to make a deposit before using the card — however, this is standard practice for cards offered to bad credit customers; you will always have to pay more to get credit if you have had problems in the past.

Below are links to the Merrick Bank Web site to get information and/or apply for cards, as well as a couple of sites with conversation and reviews / complaints about Merrick Bank:

1. Merrick Bank Credit Cards - This link takes you to the main page at the Merrick Bank site for credit cards — from here you can apply for their “classic” Visa and MasterCard cards (but only if you’ve already received an “Acceptance Certificate” invitation in the mail) or apply for the secured credit card for people with bad credit histories. (


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Outdoor Horse Christmas Decorations

Q. Where can I find outdoor Christmas decorations with horses — rocking horses, horse and carriage, carousel, etc.?

A. They’re not so easy to find, but we’ve managed to put together 6 links below that will take you to a variety of outdoor Christmas decorations featuring horses.

1. Outdoor Christmas Horse Decorations on eBay - A handful of outdoor horse decorations for Christmas up for auction or immediate sale, including lighted outdoor rocking horses, horse and carriage light displays, etc. (

2. Lighted Horse & Carriage Display at Christmas Central - Large, 57-inch outdoor lighted horse & carriage has a 3D appearance, priced at roughly $350. (


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AARP Life Insurance Payment

Q. How do I make my AARP life insurance payment?

A. AARP life insurance is actually offered by New York Life insurance company, so you will be going to the New York Life site if you want to pay online, and any mailed payments will also go to New York Life. Check the links below and you should have no problem making your payment.

1. AARP New York Life Insurance - Manage My Payments - Go here to log in to your AARP life insurance account via New York Life to pay your life insurance premium online. If you don’t have a user ID and password, you can sign up for online access via a link on this page. (

2. AARP Life Insurance Payment Mailing Address & Customer Service Phone Number - If you want to send in your AARP life insurance payment, you’ll find the Tampa Florida mailing address via this link. You’ll also find the telephone number for customer service if you have questions. (



Department Stores National Bank

Q. What is Department Stores National Bank?

A. Department Stores National Bank is a bank set up to handle the credit card operations of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s department stores. (Macy’s runs the Bank in a joint operation with Citibank.) Despite the bank’s name, it does not provide services to any other department stores. If you are a Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s credit card holder, Department Stores National Bank (or DSNB) is technically the issuer of your credit card, but since it is a subsidiary/joint venture partially run by Macy’s Inc., you can deal directly with Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s if you have questions or concerns about your card.


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Outdoor Christmas Angels

Q. Where can I find outdoor angel decorations for Christmas?

A. Only a few sites have a wide selection of outdoor angel decorations, but if you use the list of 12 links below, you’ll find a great selection from various retailers very quickly.

1. Home Depot - Good selection of over a dozen outdoor Christmas angels, including lighted decorations and angel yard statues. (

2. Improvements Catalog - On our last visit here they offered 2 lighted outdoor Christmas angel displays, one featuring an angel holding a dove and one animated outdoor angel blowing a horn. (


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