Bessed: Human-Guided Search

Search engines are often great, but sometimes they frustrate you. You type in some words and get a bunch of links back, but you can’t figure out which of the links will answer your question or solve your problem. Sometimes it would be nice to have a person recommend the best links for your need, or at least make sense of the many sites that claim to solve your problem. That’s the goal of Bessed (pronounced “Best”).

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A Reason, A Season, or a Lifetime (Poem)

The poem below is often quoted in slightly different variations, but, as we have been unable to discover who the original author is, we offer the version that seems to be the most commonly shared:

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

When you figure out which one it is,
you will know what to do for each person.
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“Jesus Is The Reason For The Season” Signs & Lights

Q. Where can I find signs or lights that remind us “Jesus is the reason for the season” at Christmas?

A. Despite the fact that this saying/slogan has become increasingly popular in recent years, it is still not so easy to find resources for signs or lighting displays that proclaim the message. However, we have listed 10 sites below where you will find indoor or outdoor decorations that do just that:

1. Christmas Lights Etc. – Red, white and green lights make up this lit yard sign reminding passers-by of the reason for the season. (

2. eBay – Over 100 banners, signs, and displays with the message “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” here, up for auction or immediate sale. You’ll also see other items with this message, too, including tins, ornaments, clothing, more. (
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Women’s Long Board Shorts

Q. Where can I find long board shorts for women?

A. If you want women’s board shorts of a little longer length, you’ll find over a dozen good sources below:

1. – Long board shorts for women and juniors from O’Neill, Hurley, Rip Curl, Speedo, and more. Some shorter shorts are mixed in here, too, but mostly longs.  (

2. Xelosette Super Long Length Board Shorts at – Well, they’re not that long, but they do have a little extra, with a 10.5-inch inseam that will probably hit you a bit above the knee. Standard and plus size board shorts, available in solids or prints including Hawaiian print and other flower prints, plaid, “Stealth Fanatic” camo board shorts, more (choose your size at the site to see available designs). You can also get custom boardshorts made if you want them even longer. (
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Synchrony Bank Credit Cards (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank)

Q. What information is available about credit cards issued by Synchrony Bank?

A. Synchrony Bank (formerly named GE Capital Retail Bank) is the issuing bank behind many well-known retailer credit cards, including Wal-Mart credit cards, the JCPenney credit card, Care Credit medical financing, and many more. (The bank was formerly part of General Electric, but was spun off into a new company named Synchrony Bank.) If you have a card issued by Synchrony Bank and need information on the card or need to contact the company, the links below should get you started.

1. Synchrony Bank Credit Cards – Online Login and Bill Pay – If you already have a Synchrony Bank credit card, go here to log in or register online and make a bill payment, check your balance, update your account information, etc. (

2. Synchrony Bank / GE Capital Customer Service Phone Number – Go here to find the credit card customer service telephone number for your Synchrony Bank-issued credit card. (
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Fleet Farm Credit Card Application

Q. How do I apply for a Mills Fleet Farm credit card?

A. Last we checked you could only apply for a Mills Fleet Farm credit card in a Fleet Farm store, though the company promised an online application was on its way. See the links below for more information on the cards:

1. Mills Fleet Farm Credit Card Comparison – Go here to compare the features of the Mills Fleet Farm Visa card or Fleet Farm store credit card. Both offer you a $25 Fleet Farm Gift Card when you accumulate 2500 reward points and special discount financing on large purchases. The only real difference is that the Visa card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, while the store card is only good at Mills Fleet Farm — so you can earn points both inside and outside Fleet Farm if you qualify for the Visa. (

2. Mills Fleet Farm Credit Card Online Account Login and Payment (Via Synchrony Financial) – Mills Fleet Farm credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank, and you can pay your credit card bill online via this Synchrony Web site. (
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Trucks Under $1000

Q. Where can I see trucks for sale under $1000?

A. Your options are limited, but we’ve supplied a half dozen links below that list trucks for sale under a thousand bucks:

1. eBay Motors – About 30 pickup trucks and other trucks priced under $1000. most up for auction but a few available to buy immediately. Mostly older Ford pickups, Chevy C/K pickup trucks, etc., plus a few project trucks that will need some work to get running again. (

2. – About 100 used pickup trucks listed for sale under $1000 nationwide at this classifieds site, including trucks from both dealers and private owners. As you might expect, most of these trucks are from model years between the late 1980s and the early 2000s with fairly high mileage. You can narrow the selection to your particular area by changing the zip code to something closer to home. (
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American Express Auto Pay

Q. How do I set up Auto Pay to automatically have my American Express Card bill paid each month from my bank account? How do I make changes if I’ve already enrolled for AutoPay?

A. You can set up AutoPay for American Express credit and charge cards via the American Express online account area. You’ll need to log in, choose “Pay Bill” and then look for the AutoPay link to enroll. If you’re already enrolled and want to make changes, you basically do the same thing, but instead of enrolling you will be able to edit existing information and settings. See the links below to get started:

1. American Express Login & AutoPay Setup – This link takes you to the American Express Card login area — Log in to your account, then choose your card and click “Pay Bill”, which will then give you the option to pay via Auto Pay. Once you choose AutoPay, you will be given the option to enroll. Fill out the bank account information to get set up, and you’re good to go. (

2. How Do I Enroll in AutoPay? – If you’ve checked out the link above, you probably don’t need this link, but, just in case, you can click through for information on how to set up automatic payments to pay your American Express card bill each month. Note that to actually set up the Auto Pay feature, you will need to log in to your American Express account online. (
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Walmart Credit Card Application

Q. Where can I find a Walmart credit card application online?

A. Use the links below to find the application for Walmart consumer credit cards as well as business and other cards. Note that you can also apply for Wal-Mart credit cards in-store.

1. Walmart Credit Card Application – This link takes you to the Walmart credit card application, BUT you will be forced to register for a account first if you want to apply online. If that’s OK with you (and it’s no big deal really but still a hassle), you can apply online. You will be considered for the Walmart MasterCard but you might instead be offered the Walmart store card, depending on your credit history. Walmart credit cards are issued in partnership with Synchrony Bank (formerly known as GE Capital Retail Bank). (

2. Walmart Credit Cards – Terms & Conditions – Before you apply for a Walmart credit card, you may want to check this page that lays out interest rate info (a 22.90% rate), potential fees, etc. (
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Used Honda Prelude For Sale

Q. What’s the easiest way to see all the used Honda Preludes available for sale?

A. Well, you won’t find every used Honda Prelude on any one site, but the list below is definitely the easiest way to cut to the chase and see them all quickly. You can find listings of used Honda Preludes on:

1. AutoTrader – You’ll find ads for over 100 used Honda Preludes from dealers and private owners at this popular auto classifieds site. (

2. – Over 100 listing of Honda Preludes for sale from dealers and by-owner across the owner. (

3. – About 80 listings of old Honda Preludes for sale here. (

4. Craigslist – This link takes you to recent listing of Honda Preludes for sale on Craigslist nationwide. You may want to search on your local Craigslist site to see a Prelude or two near you. (

5. eBay Motors – We saw less than 10 used Preludes up for auction or sale on our last visit here. (

Other Bessed pages of interest:

Target Credit Card Application

Q. How can I apply for a Target credit card? Where is the application?

A. You can apply via the Internet, or download an application online that you can either send in or bring in to a Target store to apply. Check out the links below for application and other relevant info on the Target Red Card credit card:

1. Target Credit Card Online Application – Use this link to go directly to the Target credit card application and apply for a REDcard online. (

2. Printable Target Credit Account Application – Print out this Target credit card application, fill it out, and send it in via regular mail to the address shown on the application. The application is in PDF format. (
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Used Honda Gold Wing For Sale

Q. Where can I find used Honda Gold Wing motorcycles for sale?

A. Mostly you’ll have to look at the online motorcycle classifieds sites to find used Goldwings, as that’s where most get listed, both from dealers and those for sale by owner. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad free classified ad sites out there that look a little dodgy. We made a list of 8 places to look for used GoldWings below, and after the first 6 or so, these even get questionable:

1. eBay Motors – Over 150 used Honda Gold Wing touring motorcycles, trikes and other bikes up for auction or immediate sale, some from dealers and others for sale by owner. (

2. Cycle Trader – Over 400 used Honda Goldwings listed at this motorcycle classifieds site, mostly dealer ads but some Goldwings for sale by owner. Used Goldwings listed for sale here from across the country, but especially Florida, Texas, Illinois, California, Ohio, Georgia, and Wisconsin. (
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Globe Life Insurance Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my Globe Life insurance payment?

A. You can pay your Globe Life insurance payment online, by mail, and possibly by phone. The links below will get you to the online bill payment center as well as provide the mailing address and phone number for Globe Life.

1. Globe Life eService Center – Online Account Login and Bill Pay – Log in with your e-mail address and password here to pay your Globe life insurance premium online. If you don’t have a password, use the site’s Register Now link to get one. (

2. Globe Life Insurance Payment Mailing Address and Customer Service Phone Number – Click through to get the mailing address of Globe Life Insurance, which we believe to be the correct place to send in payments. At last check, it was: Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company, Globe Life Center, Oklahoma City, OK 73184. You will also find a toll-free customer service telephone number here — 1-800-811-3927. (
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AARP Life Insurance Payment

Q. How do I make my AARP life insurance payment?

A. AARP life insurance is actually offered by New York Life insurance company, so you will be going to the New York Life site if you want to pay online, and any mailed payments will also go to New York Life. Check the links below and you should have no problem making your payment.

1. AARP New York Life Insurance – Manage My Payments – Go here to log in to your AARP life insurance account via New York Life to pay your life insurance premium online. If you don’t have a user ID and password, you can sign up for online access via a link on this page. (

2. AARP Life Insurance Payment Mailing Address & Customer Service Phone Number – If you want to send in your AARP life insurance payment, you’ll find the Tampa Florida mailing address via this link. You’ll also find the telephone number for customer service if you have questions. (
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Kohl’s Credit Card Application

Q. Where can I get a Kohl’s credit card application? Can I apply online?

A. You can apply for a Kohl’s credit card online or in a Kohl’s store. The links below will direct you to the online application as well as other helpful info:

1. Kohl’s Charge Application – Go to this page and click the Apply Now! button to get to the Kohl’s credit card application. You might want to note the message that says “Most applications can be processed within 60 seconds. In some instances, an application may require additional time to process, and the account may not be available for immediate use.” (

2. My Kohl’s Charge – This page provides an alternate way to reach the Kohl’s credit card application (or log in to your account if you already have the card). (
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Target Credit Card

Q. How can I apply for a Target credit card, and what are my options for making payments?

A. You can apply for a Target credit card online, in a Target store or print out an application to send in for approval. If you already have a Target credit card, you can access your card account and make payments online or by mail. Below are the main links you’ll need to get a Target credit card, make a payment, or learn more about what they have to offer:

1. Target REDCard – Official Site – This page leads to you to information and application info for the Target credit card and Target Debit Card (which happen to be red) from Target National Bank. The Target credit card can be used only to charge at Target stores or at, and you get 5% off on all purchases you make with the card. You can also manage your Target account online here, including viewing balances, past credit card statements, make a payment, and other services. Holders of the Target MasterCard/Visa can pay bills online, but you can no longer apply for new Target MasterCard / Visa cards — only the store REDcard is still issued to new customers. (

2. REDCard Sign In – Go here for the direct login to your existing Target store credit card or Target MasterCard/Visa account. You can also activate your Target MasterCard/Visa here if you just got one. (
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Gander Mountain Credit Card

The following 5 links will give you (hopefully) everything you might want to know about the Gander Mountain credit card:

1. Gander Mountain Credit Card Home Page – Go here for an overview of the Gander Mountain credit cards and rewards you can earn. You’ll find further links to apply online or to access your account if you already have a Gander Mountain card. (

2. Gander Mountain Credit Card Application – Go here if you’re ready to apply. Note that when you apply, you will first be considered for the Gander Mountain MasterCard. If your credit history is not good enough, you might instead be approved for the Gander Mountain Credit Card that is only accepted at Gander Mountain.
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Gander Mountain Credit Card Payment

Q. What are my options for making a payment on my Gander Mountain credit card?

A. You can make a payment online or via mail. See the links below for the login page or mailing address you need to make a payment. Note that there are separate login areas and addresses depending on if you have the Gander Mountain MasterCard or the Gander Mountain store-only credit card:

1. Gander Mountain MasterCard – Login & Bill Pay – If you have the Gander Mountain MasterCard, you can use this link to log in to your account and make an online payment. (Note that you will be on a Web site from Comenity Bank, the issuer of Gander Mountain credit cards.) (

2. Gander Mountain Store Credit Card – Login & Bill Pay – If you have the Gander Mountain credit card good only for purchases at a Gander Mountain store, go here to log in to your account online and make a payment. (
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Sears Credit Card Login

Q. Where do I go to log in to my Sears credit card account?

A. Your Sears credit card is issued by Citibank, so you will log in to your account via a Citi site. See below for the link to log in as well as a few other links that may help if you have any trouble accessing your account.

1. Sears Credit Card Login – Click through and look for the login area on the right-hand-side of this Citibank site set up for Sears card holders. (

2. Sears Secure Sign-On – Another signon page to access your Sears (Citi) credit card account. (
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Used Commercial Refrigerators

Q.Where can I find used, commercial grade refrigerators for sale?

A. There are only a handful of places we could find online, which are listed below.

1. eBay – Over 800 used commercial grade refrigerators and coolers up for auction or immediate sale here, including large stainless steel commercial refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators, glass door beverage display coolers, large meat case / refrigerators, sandwich board and other foodservice units with under counter refrigerator, more. Brands we saw include True Manufacturing, McCall, Coldtech, Jordan, Continental, Victory, Delfield, Hobart, Rendell, Traulsen, more. (

2. – Over 50 used commercial refrigerators and coolers for sale online, including big stainless steel refrigerators, work top units with under counter refrigerators, glass door beverage coolers, and more, from manufacturers including True, Beverage-Air, HussMann, Victory, Delfield, Traulsen, Fogel, Continental, Hobart, more. (
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