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Search engines are often great, but sometimes they frustrate you. You type in some words and get a bunch of links back, but you can’t figure out which of the links will answer your question or solve your problem. Sometimes it would be nice to have a person recommend the best links for your need, or at least make sense of the many sites that claim to solve your problem. That’s the goal of Bessed (pronounced “Best”).


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Boost Mobile Pay Bill

Q. What are my options for paying my Boost Mobile bill?

A. You can pay your Boost Mobile bill (or add money to your account) online, by phone, or in person at certain retail locations. Use the links below to get you what you need fast:

1. Boost Mobile Re-Boost Payment Options - Click through to see all the ways you can pay your Boost Mobile bill or add money to your account, including payment online, by phone, in person, and via Re-Boost cards and PIN numbers. (

2. Boost Mobile Account Login and Online Bill Payment - Click through to log in to your Boost Mobile account with your phone number and 4-digit PIN. Once in your account, you can pay your bill or add money to your account with a Re-Boost card or credit card. You can also set up automatic “Re-Boosts” that charge your credit card when your account balance falls below a set amount. (


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Comenity Capital Bank (formerly WFCB)

Q. What is Comenity Capital Bank? How do I reach Comenity?

A. Comenity Capital Bank was formerly known as World Financial Capital Bank (WFCB), and it is a bank that issues a handful of credit cards in partnership with retail stores. It is a subsidiary of the company Comenity, which itself is a subsidiary of the larger Alliance Data, which provides a number of credit-related products and services to businesses. (There is also a Comenity Bank, which is a sister bank to Comenity Capital Bank and sounds almost exactly the same.)

Confused? No need to be. If you have a credit card issued by Comenity Capital Bank (formerly WFCB) and need to reach the company, or just want to know more about who you are dealing with, see the links below:

1. Comenity - Comenity is the parent company of Comenity Capital Bank / WFCB, and this Web site tells you all about the company as well as giving you the ability to reach Comenity customer service by phone. (


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Goodyear Credit Card Payment

Q. What are my options for making my Goodyear credit card payment?

A. You can pay your Goodyear credit card bill online or by mail. Check the links below to access these options, as well as other relevant info about paying your bill:

1. Goodyear Credit Card Login and Bill Pay - Log in here to pay your Goodyear credit card bill online. If you don’t have a user ID and password, you can register for those here. This site is from Citibank, the actual issuer of the Goodyear credit card. Note that you can also find the Goodyear / Citi customer service phone number here: 1-877-780-8897. (

2. Goodyear Credit Card Payment Address - When you click through to this Citi site, you won’t see Goodyear specifically mentioned, but we called Citi and found out the Goodyear credit card payment mailing address is: Goodyear Payment Processing Center, P.O. Box 183015, Columbus, OH 43218-3015. (


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TJ Maxx Credit Card

Q. Where can I get info on applying for a TJ Maxx credit card and how do I pay my TJ Maxx credit card bill online?

A. If you are applying for a TJ Maxx credit card for the first time, it is easy to do online, and we have supplied you with the link to do so below, along with other relevant links you might find helpful or interesting, including the online payment page.

1. The TJX Rewards Credit Card - Official TJ Maxx portal to all credit card services, including links to apply for a TJ Maxx credit card, to manage your account and make a payment, sign up for e-mails about special cardholder offers, more. (

2. TJ Maxx Credit Card Application - Use this link to go straight to the TJX Rewards credit card online application, supplied by Synchrony Bank (formerly known as GE Capital Retail Bank), the actual issuer of the card. (


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Buy Now Pay Later

Q. Where can I shop online that allows me to buy today but pay later?

A. Below are 12 links that will help you find stores that allow you to buy now and pay later, from clothing to electronics to furniture:

1. PayPal Credit - Offers & Store Directory - Previously known as Bill Me Later, PayPal Credit offers a list of current offers from stores giving you the opportunity to make purchases today and pay later — often at a 0% interest rate. Be careful, though: most of these offers say that you will be charged interest from the date of purchase if you don’t completely pay off your balance on time — usually at a very high interest rate. (

2. Rent-A-Center - “Rent to own” is sometimes thought of as interchangeable with “buy now pay later” because you get the item you want and pay for it over a period of time (usually at a high interest rate). Rent-A-Center is one of the best known rent-to-own stores, offering furniture, TVs and other electronics, computers, major appliances and more on a Buy Now Pay Later basis. There’s no credit check, making it attractive for those with bad credit histories. (


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AARP Life Insurance Payment

Q. How do I make my AARP life insurance payment?

A. AARP life insurance is actually offered by New York Life insurance company, so you will be going to the New York Life site if you want to pay online, and any mailed payments will also go to New York Life. Check the links below and you should have no problem making your payment.

1. AARP New York Life Insurance - Manage My Payments - Go here to log in to your AARP life insurance account via New York Life to pay your life insurance premium online. If you don’t have a user ID and password, you can sign up for online access via a link on this page. (

2. AARP Life Insurance Payment Mailing Address & Customer Service Phone Number - If you want to send in your AARP life insurance payment, you’ll find the Tampa Florida mailing address via this link. You’ll also find the telephone number for customer service if you have questions. (



Ally Auto Loan Payoff (formerly GMAC)

Q. How do I get a payoff amount for my Ally / GMAC auto loan?

A. You can get your Ally Auto loan payoff balance online at See the links below to learn how to do that:

1. Log In to Your Ally Auto Account to Request Payoff Balance - Click through and log in to your Ally Auto account to get your payoff balance. Once logged in, choose the “My Vehicles” link, then the Request Quote link in order to get your payoff amount. (

2. Can I Request a Payoff for My Financed Vehicle Online? - This link will take you to a page full of answers to common questions about Ally Auto loan payments, including this one about how to get your payoff balance online. (


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Ally Bank Locations (formerly GMAC Bank)

Q. Where can I find Ally Bank locations and bank branches?

A. This question is asked by many people, and the reason it’s difficult to find Ally Bank branches is that there are none. Ally Bank is an Internet-only bank, meaning all transactions are done online or via phone or mail — there are no physical branches to visit. Need more proof? Check out the links below for confirmation:

1. Where Can I Find an Ally Bank Location? - Within this list of answers to frequently asked questions, you’ll find this paragraph: “Ally is an online bank, and you can find us at We don’t have physical bank branches, and we don’t have a lot of the expenses that come with operating them. It’s one way we are able to keep our rates competitive.” In other words, you can’t go to an Ally Bank branch, you can only deal with them over the Internet or by phone or e-mail. (

2. - As an Internet only bank, is the only location for customers of Ally Bank to interact with the company and learn how to open accounts and manage the money you have with Ally Bank. (



Home Depot Credit Card Application

Q. How can I apply for a Home Depot credit card?

A. You can apply for all current Home Depot credit cards online as well as in Home Depot stores. Below are links to applications for the main Home Depot credit cards, along with a few other links related to the cards that might also be helpful.

1. Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Application - This link takes you directly to the Home Depot consumer credit card application. This card is issued in partnership with Citibank, and the online application is actually on the Citi Web site. (

2. The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Account Application - Apply online for this Home Depot credit card for business use, which allows you to track purchases by PO name or Job Name / Job Number. This card can be paid off each month or you can choose to “revolve” balances from one billing period to the next. (


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Department Store Credit Cards

Q. Where can I see a list of credit cards from department stores and other retailers?

A. We’ve got a list of over 50 department credit cards and other store cards right here:

1. Kohl’s Charge Card - Credit card used for purchases at Kohl’s department stores only. (

2. Macy’s Credit Card - Offers store credit cards with varying Star Rewards levels. (


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GM Card Payment

Q. What are my options for making a payment on my GM credit card?

A. You can pay your GM Card online or by mail. See the links below for payment information for the consumer GM credit cards as well as the GM business credit card:

1. GM Card Login & Bill Pay - Go here to log in to your GM Card account and make a payment online. If you have not paid online previously, use the “Register Now” button to get signed up for online account access. Note that you will be paying your GM Card bill via a site from Capital One, the issuer of the GM Card. (If you have the GM Business credit card, do not use this link, but instead use the link below.) (

2. GM Business Card Login & Bill Pay - The GM Business World MasterCard is issued by Chase, and this is the link to sign in and pay your GM Business Card bill online. (


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Tow Trucks For Sale in South Carolina

Q. Where can I find tow trucks for sale in South Carolina?

A. Your choices are limited, at least online. Below are 5 sources for tow trucks in SC, though all of them offer a rather limited selection:

1. eBay Motors - A handful of tow trucks for sale in South Carolina as well as surrounding areas of North Carolina and Georgia, including wrecker two trucks and rollback tow trucks from Ford, International, more. (

2. Atlanta Wrecker Sales - Despite the name, this tow truck dealership also has a location in Chesnee SC that sells new and used tow trucks, including both wreckers and rollbacks. (


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Laptops Under $300

Q. Where can I find a laptop computer for sale under $300?

A. If you can live with a laptop that is not the very top of the line, you can definitely find one for $300 or less. Ebay is one easy way, but there are others, too. Check out the links below:

1. PC Laptops Under $300 on eBay - There is no shortage of cheap laptops here — over 10,000 refurbished and used laptops up for auction or sale at $300 or less, many laptops under $200. The challenge is to find a GOOD laptop for that price. To help, use the left-hand side menu when you click through — it allows you to narrow the laptops by screen size, memory, processor speed, hard drive capacity, etc. If you don’t know a ton about laptops but do trust certain brands, you can narrow the list by manufacturer as well, including Dell, HP, IBM, Toshiba, Gateway, and more. (

2. Apple Laptops Under $300 at eBay - You can also find over 1000 Apple / Mac laptop computers up for auction or sale at eBay for under 300 dollars, including PowerBook and iBook notebook computers, plus a selection of MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. Our advice would be to check out any cheap MacBooks very carefully — under $300 is very cheap for most of these, unless they are refurbished models. (


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Pull Up Christmas Trees

Q. Where can I find those artificial Christmas trees that pull up into a fully decorated tree?

A. Below are 7 good online sources for pull up & pop up Christmas trees.

1. The Bradford Exchange - A half dozen pull up / pop up Christmas trees for sale here, including traditional styles from Thomas Kinkade as well as a Disney-themed pre-lit pull up tree. (

2. eBay - About 40 new and used pull up Christmas trees up for auction or immediate sale on our last visit here, including pre-lit and/or pre-decorated pull up trees, Thomas Kinkade brand trees, more. (


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Capital One Credit Card Login

Q. Where do I go to log in to my Capital One credit card account?

A. Click the first link below to find the login area for Capital One credit cards, and you may also want to check the other links related to managing your Capital One credit card account online:

1. Capital One Credit Card Login - Click through and use your username and password to access your Capital One credit card account and pay your bill, check purchase history, etc. If you don’t have a username and password, you’ll see a “Need to enroll?” link that leads to info on how to obtain those. (

2. Capital One - Enroll in Online Banking - If you’ve never accessed your Capital One credit card account online before, you’ll need to click through on this link to register yourself for Capital One online banking services. (


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Used Chainsaws

Q. Where can I find used chainsaws for sale online?

A. There are only a few places online where you’ll find used chainsaws for sale, with eBay being the most obvious (and having the greatest number to choose from), but there are others, as you’ll see below:

1. eBay - Over 5,000 used chainsaws up for auction or immediate sale here, with used Stihl chainsaws being the most plentiful, but also used Homelite, Husqvarna, Echo, McCulloch, Poulan, Craftsman, and other brands available. (

2. Amazon Marketplace - Amazon doesn’t advertise it heavily, but there is a ton of used merchandise available through their site, including many used chainsaws. Unfortunately they don’t let you search the used chainsaws only — instead, you have to find a chainsaw you’re interested in, and then find out if it is also offered used by Amazon or one of their retailer partners. Many of the chainsaws listed, though, do offer used options in addition to the new — we saw 15 used chainsaws just from a quick glance at the first page of listings here, so take a look. (


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Outdoor Reindeer Decorations

Q. Where can I find outdoor Christmas & winter decorations featuring reindeer?

A. Below are 8 good sources for a variety of outdoor reindeer decorations, from life-size wireframe style reindeer to reindeer displays made solely of lights to inflatable reindeer decorations to traditional outdoor sculptures:

1. Christmas Lights Etc - Offers a number of lighted topiary lawn reindeer as well as a number of lighted reindeer silhouette displays for your yard. (

2. Home Depot - Good selection of outdoor reindeer Christmas decorations, including lit grapevine reindeer, animated wire reindeer, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with lighted red nose, more. (

3. eBay - Over 100 new and used outdoor reindeer decorations up for auction or immediate sale, including popular wire frame lighted reindeer sculptures, Santa and reindeer yard inflatables, reindeer flags, more. (


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BetterBilt Windows

Q. What can you tell me about BetterBilt windows?

A. After a number of years in which it looked like the BetterBilt name was disappearing, it has been relaunched by its parent company, MI Windows & Doors, as a line of windows available exclusively at Lowe’s stores. (MI Windows and Doors bought the original BetterBilt company back in 1999.) See the links below for more info on BetterBilt windows:

1. BetterBilt Windows and Doors - The BetterBilt home page offers information on BetterBilt brand windows for homeowners or professional installers, as well as a link to the Lowe’s store locator if you want to know where to buy them near you. You’ll also find a Contact Us page if you want to contact BetterBilt’s parent company with questions. (

2. BetterBilt Windows Customer Service - Go here for a customer service e-mail form to reach BetterBilt Windows. (



Women’s Christmas Sweaters

Q. Where can I find sweaters for women with a Christmas theme?

A. Below are 5 good sites for women’s Christmas sweaters, from understated winter themed sweaters to loud, “ugly” Christmas designs.

1. Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters at Rusty Zipper Vintage Clothing - An impressive collection of especially interesting Christmas sweaters for women for sale here, with lots of snowmen, Christmas teddy bears, prancing reindeer, and snow scenes depicted, plus many more designs. (

2. eBay - Over 5,000 new and pre-owned women’s Christmas sweaters up for auction or immediate sale here, from understated designs to fun, loud Christmas motifs. Regular, plus size, and juniors sizes available. (


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