Bessed: Human-Guided Search

Search engines are often great, but sometimes they frustrate you. You type in some words and get a bunch of links back, but you can’t figure out which of the links will answer your question or solve your problem. Sometimes it would be nice to have a person recommend the best links for your need, or at least make sense of the many sites that claim to solve your problem. That’s the goal of Bessed (pronounced “Best”).

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Texas Workforce Commission Payment Request

Q. How do I request my unemployment payment from the Texas Workforce Commission?

A. You can do it all online, whether you’re applying for the first time or already have been getting payments from the Commission. Use the links below to find everything you need.

1. Texas Workforce Commission Unemployment Benefits Services – This page gives you information on requesting a payment from the Texas Workforce Commission if you have an active claim. You’ll need to supply the Commission with information on any earnings made each week, as well as information on your work search activities. You can also use this page to apply for unemployment benefits if you are not already receiving them. (

2. Texas Workforce Commission – Logon to Request Payment – To request a payment, you’ll need to log in via this link, with your User ID and password. If you don’t already have an ID and password, you can sign up for those here as well. You will also need to log in to check status of payments, submit work logs, change payment method, etc. (

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AARP Life Insurance Payment

Q. How do I make my AARP life insurance payment?

A. AARP life insurance is actually offered by New York Life insurance company, so you will be going to the New York Life site if you want to pay online, and any mailed payments will also go to New York Life. Check the links below and you should have no problem making your payment.

1. AARP New York Life Insurance – Manage My Payments – Go here to log in to your AARP life insurance account via New York Life to pay your life insurance premium online. If you don’t have a user ID and password, you can sign up for online access via a link on this page. (

2. AARP Life Insurance Payment Mailing Address & Customer Service Phone Number – If you want to send in your AARP life insurance payment, you’ll find the Tampa Florida mailing address via this link. You’ll also find the telephone number for customer service if you have questions. (

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First National Bank of Omaha Credit Card Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my First National Bank of Omaha credit card bill?

A. You can pay your First National Bank bill online, you can set up automatic payments, or you can mail in a payment. The links below will lead you to all of those options as well as pages that will help if you need to contact First National Omaha:

1. First National Bank Omaha Login & Bill Pay – Go here to log in to your First National Bank of Omaha credit card account and pay your bill online. If you haven’t paid online in the past, use the “Enroll” link found at the site to register for online access. (

2. First National Bank of Omaha Credit Card Payment Mailing Address – Within this page of contact information is the credit card payment mailing address for First Omaha — it is Bankcard Payment Processing, PO Box 2557, Omaha, NE 68103-2557. (

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Tow Trucks For Sale California

Q. Where can I find tow trucks for sale in California?

A. California is a big state, so while there are many sources, some may be closer to you than others. Below is a list of a dozen sites where you can find tow trucks for sale in California.

1. Medium Duty Tow Trucks at – About 100 used tow trucks from California dealers here, including Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Hino, International, more. These are the tow trucks designated as “medium duty” at this site — you can also search through light duty or heavy duty trucks here. (

2. Heavy Duty Tow Trucks at Truck Paper – About 2 dozen listings for heavy duty tow trucks for sale from CA dealers, including International, Ford, Freightliner, Peterbilt, and other makes. (

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Ally Auto Loan Payoff (formerly GMAC)

Q. How do I get a payoff amount for my Ally / GMAC auto loan?

A. You can get your Ally Auto loan payoff balance online at See the links below to learn how to do that:

1. Log In to Your Ally Auto Account to Request Payoff Balance – Click through and log in to your Ally Auto account to get your payoff balance. Once logged in, choose the “My Vehicles” link, then the Request Quote link in order to get your payoff amount. (

2. Can I Request a Payoff for My Financed Vehicle Online? – This link will take you to a page full of answers to common questions about Ally Auto loan payments, including this one about how to get your payoff balance online. (

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BP Credit Card Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my BP credit card bill?

A. As of May 18, 2015, BP credit cards are now issued by Synchrony Bank instead of Chase, so you will be making your payment to Synchrony Bank. You can make your BP credit card payment online as well as by mail or by phone. Check the links below to access all the options:

1. BP Credit Card Login and Bill Pay – Click through to find the BP credit card login area. If you previously had the BP card from Chase, you will need to re-register your new card with Synchrony Bank in order to pay online. (

2. BP Credit Card Payment Address and Customer Service Phone Number – This link from our sister site Credit Card Catalog will give you the BP credit card mailing address and BP credit card / Synchrony Bank customer service telephone number.
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Office Depot Credit Card Application

Q. Where do I find the Office Depot credit card application?

A. Below you’ll find links to each of the 3 Office Depot credit cards available you, plus other links for more information on the cards or to get customer service assistance:

1. Office Depot Personal Credit Account Application – If you want the consumer (non-business) Office Depot credit card, this link takes you to your application. (

2. Office Depot Business Credit Account Application – Office Depot offers two business credit / charge cards. This card allows you to carry a balance from month-to-month in order to finance your purchases (at a very high 23.99% interest rate). (
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Stage Credit Card Payment

Q. How do I make a payment on my Stage credit card?

You can pay your stage credit card bill online, by mail, or by phone. See the links below for information on how to pay any of these ways:

1. Stage Credit Card Payment Online – Pay your stage credit card bill online at this site, operated by Stage’s credit card issuing partner, Comenity Bank. (

2. Stage Credit Card – Pay By Phone – This link will show you the Stage credit card customer service phone number — 1-800-315-7260 — that you can use to make a payment by phone. (
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Home Depot Credit Card Application

Q. How can I apply for a Home Depot credit card?

A. You can apply for all current Home Depot credit cards online as well as in Home Depot stores. Below are links to applications for the main Home Depot credit cards, along with a few other links related to the cards that might also be helpful.

1. Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Application – This link takes you directly to the Home Depot consumer credit card application. This card is issued in partnership with Citibank, and the online application is actually on the Citi Web site. (

2. The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Account Application – Apply online for this Home Depot credit card for business use, which allows you to track purchases by PO name or Job Name / Job Number. This card can be paid off each month or you can choose to “revolve” balances from one billing period to the next. (

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AARP Auto Insurance Payment

Q. How do I make my AARP auto insurance payment?

A. You can pay online, by mail, or by phone. See the links below to access each option:

1. AARP Auto Insurance Login and Bill Pay – If you are an AARP auto insurance policy holder, click through to find the online login page to access your account and make a payment online. (Note that AARP car insurance is actually offered by The Hartford insurance company, so the site you visit to pay online with be a Hartford/AARP partner site.) (

2. AARP / Hartford Auto Insurance Mailing Address – If you want to mail in your car insurance payment, use the address found at this site, which is AARP Insurance, The Hartford, P.O. Box 2902, Hartford, CT, 06104-2902. (

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Credit One Card Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my Credit One card bill?

A. You can make a payment on your Credit One Bank card account online or by mail. See the links below for information on both options:

1. Credit One Online Login and Bill Pay – Click through to log in and pay your Credit One Bank bill straight from the Credit One site’s home page. (

2. Credit One Payment Mailing Address and Customer Service Phone Number – Click through to find the mailing address for Credit One card payments. You’ll also find customer service telephone numbers if you need to speak to a person about your account. (

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Ally Auto Loans (formerly GMAC Auto Loans)

Q. Where can I find information, including contact info, for Ally Auto Loans (GMAC)?

Q. Ally Auto is now the official name of what was GMAC, and the Web site has changed from the previous GMAC site. Use the links below to find the info you’ll want about Ally.

1. Ally Auto Financing and Leasing – Official Site – Home page of Ally financing for car loans, truck loans and leases. You can get information on loans and leases. locate a dealer where you can apply for a loam through Ally, or log in to your account to make online loan payments, view billing history, request a loan payoff amount, etc. (

2. Ally Auto Account Center Login & Bill Pay – Go here for direct access to your existing Ally automobile loan account, to make payments, set up recurring payments, update account information, request your payoff balance, more. (

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Department Store Credit Cards

Q. Where can I see a list of credit cards from department stores and other retailers?

A. We’ve got a list of over 50 department credit cards and other store cards right here:

1. Target REDCard – Apply for a Target stores credit card. Target RED card offers a 5%-off reward on all card purchases. (

2. Kohl’s Charge Card – Credit card used for purchases at Kohl’s department stores only. (
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Buy Now Pay Later

Q. Where can I shop online that allows me to buy today but pay later?

A. Below are 14 links that will help you find stores that allow you to buy now and pay later, from clothing to electronics to furniture:

1. PayPal Credit – Offers & Store Directory – Previously known as Bill Me Later, PayPal Credit offers a list of current offers from stores giving you the opportunity to make purchases today and pay later — often at a 0% interest rate. Be careful, though: most of these offers say that you will be charged interest from the date of purchase if you don’t completely pay off your balance on time — usually at a very high interest rate. (

2. Rent-A-Center – “Rent to own” is sometimes thought of as interchangeable with “buy now pay later” because you get the item you want and pay for it over a period of time (usually at a high interest rate). Rent-A-Center is one of the best known rent-to-own stores, offering furniture, TVs and other electronics, computers, major appliances and more on a Buy Now Pay Later basis. There’s no credit check, making it attractive for those with bad credit histories. (

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Chase Motorcycle Loans

Q. Does Chase offer motorcycle loans?

A. No. Chase did offer motorcycle loans in the past, but it has been quite a while since this was true. The links below will prove our answer, plus we provide a few links to companies that do offer motorcycle loans.

1. Chase – Vehicle Finance FAQ – Chase previously offered motorcycle loans, but the Chase Auto Finance FAQ page now says that motorcycle loans are not currently offered (as of this writing on 5/11/2015). (

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SUV with 3rd Row Seating

Q. Which SUVs offer 3rd row seating?

A. Probably a lot more than you think — in fact, below is a list of 35 SUVs with a 3rd row, with links to more info about them:

1. 2016 Acura MDX – Offers third row seats for a total of seven passengers fitting in. Pricing starts at $42,865. (

2. 2015 Audi Q7 – Audi SUV offers a standard third row of seats for seating up to 7. Starting price of $48,300. (

3. BMW X5 – Only BMW SUV with a (optional) 3rd row. Starting price of $61,525. (

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AARP Life Insurance

Q. Where can I find information on AARP life insurance policies?

A. There is plenty of information on AARP life insurance options at the AARP Web site. One thing to understand — AARP is not an insurance company, so if you buy an “AARP policy”, you are actually buying a policy from New York Life that has been created especially for AARP members. That may not make a difference to you, but we think it’s important to note.

Below are several links to learn more about AARP life insurance:

1. AARP Life Insurance Program – Get basic information on the AARP life insurance policies offered through an AARP partnership with New York Life insurance company, including term life insurance or permanent life insurance (often called whole life insurance). If you want more info, this page will link you to special AARP pages at the New York Life site. (
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Mervyns Department Store Locations

Q. Where can I find Mervyns department store locations that are still open?

A. Mervyns department stores no longer exist. The company went out of business and closed its last stores in early 2009, leaving no locations open at all. Below are a handful of links that discuss the Mervyns liquidation and closing of its stores:

1. Mervyns to Close Its Doors After Holiday Sales – October 2008 article reports on the ultimate demise of the Mervyns department store chain. (

2. Kohl’s Opens Stores at Ex-Mervyn’s Locations – September 2009 article reports on Kohl’s department stores opening in former Mervyn’s locations, including 30 stores in California. (
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Marshalls Credit Card

Q. Where do I get a Marshalls credit card? How do I pay my bill?

A. The Marshalls credit card is confusing, because the card is actually called the TJX credit card (TJX is the parent company of Marshalls), and it can be used at Marshalls as well as at TJ Maxx and other TJX stores. The links below should give you everything you need, whether you are applying for a new Marshalls credit card or want to pay your bill online:

1. TJX / Marshalls Credit Cards – The name of the card doesn’t say Marshalls, but the TJX Rewards Card and TJX MasterCard are actually Marshalls credit cards (as well as the credit cards of TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post). The TJX Rewards Card is for store-only use, while the TJX Rewards MasterCard can be used at Marshalls and its sister stores as well as anywhere else MasterCard is accepted. Both cards earn rewards points good toward future $10 TJX Rewards certificates. You can apply for either Marshalls credit card online here. (

2. Marshalls Credit Card Online Login and Bill Pay – Click through to log in and make a payment online on your Marshalls / TJX Rewards credit card bill. (

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