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Search engines are often great, but sometimes they frustrate you. You type in some words and get a bunch of links back, but you can’t figure out which of the links will answer your question or solve your problem. Sometimes it would be nice to have a person recommend the best links for your need, or at least make sense of the many sites that claim to solve your problem. That’s the goal of Bessed (pronounced “Best”).


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Used Carpet

Q. Where can I find used carpet?

A. This is a tough one. While buying used carpet is obviously cheaper than buying new, there is only so much demand for used carpet, and much of it simply gets thrown away instead of re-sold. However, we have found a handful of resources for used carpet, including:

1. Carpet Tile Guys - Collinsville, Illinois company ships used carpet tiles “across town, across the USA!” (

2. - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania company offers used carpet lots that have been salvaged from local businesses or homes. (


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Fingerhut Bill Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my Fingerhut bill?

A. You can pay your Fingerhut credit bill online, by mail, over the phone, and even through automatic payments from your bank account. See the links below to access all of your options:

1. Fingerhut Login and Bill Pay - Click through to sign in to your Fingerhut account and make a payment online. If you don’t already have an online account password, you can register for online access here. (

2. How Do I Make A Payment on My WebBank / Fingerhut Credit Account? - This page tells you how to pay your Fingerhut credit card bill online or by mail (with mailing address provided), plus offers two other options for payments. (


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American Express Auto Pay

Q. How do I set up Auto Pay to automatically have my American Express Card bill paid each month from my bank account? How do I make changes if I’ve already enrolled for AutoPay?

A. You can set up AutoPay for American Express credit and charge cards via the American Express online account area. You’ll need to log in, choose “Pay Bill” and then look for the AutoPay link to enroll. If you’re already enrolled and want to make changes, you basically do the same thing, but instead of enrolling you will be able to edit existing information and settings. See the links below to get started:

1. American Express Login & AutoPay Setup - This link takes you to the American Express Card login area — Log in to your account, then choose your card and click “Pay Bill”, which will then give you the option to pay via Auto Pay. Once you choose AutoPay, you will be given the option to enroll. Fill out the bank account information to get set up, and you’re good to go. (

2. How Do I Enroll in AutoPay? - If you’ve checked out the link above, you probably don’t need this link, but, just in case, you can click through for information on how to set up automatic payments to pay your American Express card bill each month. Note that to actually set up the Auto Pay feature, you will need to log in to your American Express account online. (


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Fleet Farm Credit Card Application

Q. How do I apply for a Mills Fleet Farm credit card?

A.  Mills Fleet Farm offers a Visa Signature card that you can apply for online. See below for a link to the application as well as other relevant links concerning the card:

1. Fleet Farm Credit Card Application - This link takes you directly to the Mills Fleet Farm Visa Signature application. (


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Comenity Bank Credit Cards (formerly WFNNB)

Q. What is up with Comenity Bank / WFNNB? Who are they and how do I reach them if I have a problem?

A. Comenity Bank is a bank that issues many credit cards in partnership with retail stores or other businesses. It was formerly know as World Financial Network Bank (or WFNNB), and is a subsidiary of Alliance Data, a company that provides a variety of “private label” financial services for retailers and other clients.



Milgard Windows Reviews

Q. Where can I read some reviews of Milgard windows?

A. There are not a lot of Milgard reviews online, but we’ve rounded up everything we could find — see the links below:

1. Consumer Complaints About Milgard Windows & Doors - A handful of complaints about Milgard windows from this site that encourages people to voice their negative reviews and experiences. (

2. Window & Door Ratings and Reviews on - You always have to be slightly suspicious when reviews of a company’s products are posted on the company’s own Web site, so you might want to take the reviews here with a grain of salt. (



PayPal Credit Card Login

Q. How do I log in to my PayPal credit card account?

A. To reach your PayPal credit card account online, you actually have to log in to your standard PayPal account, then look in the My Account tab and find the Card Details option. That is how you reach your PayPal credit card account — you can’t log in to the card account directly, you must go through the PayPal home page and log on there. Use the links below to log in and reach your PayPal credit card account.

1. PayPal Login (and PayPal Credit Card Login) - As explained above, you can only reach your PayPal credit card account online by first logging in to your regular PayPal account. (

2. How Do I Make A Payment To My PayPal Extras MasterCard? - Click through and this page will tell you exactly how to reach your PayPal credit card account once logged in to PayPal. (


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Credit One Card Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my Credit One card bill?

A. You can make a payment on your Credit One Bank card account online or by mail. See the links below for information on both options:

1. Credit One Online Login and Bill Pay - Click through to log in and pay your Credit One Bank bill straight from the Credit One site’s home page. (

2. Credit One Payment Mailing Address and Customer Service Phone Number - Click through to find the mailing address for Credit One card payments. You’ll also find customer service telephone numbers if you need to speak to a person about your account. (


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TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my TJ Maxx credit card bill?

A. You can make a TJ Maxx credit card payment online, by mail, or by phone, but you can NOT make a payment in a TJ Maxx store. (NOTE: The TJ Maxx credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank, formerly GE Capital Retail Bank, and you will make payments to Synchrony.) The links below will direct you to what you need:

1. TJ Maxx Credit Cards Login & Online Payment - Click through to log in and pay your TJ Maxx credit card bill online, or, if you don’t yet have a login ID and password, you’ll find a link to register for online access. (



Synchrony Bank Credit Cards (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank)

Q. What information is available about credit cards issued by Synchrony Bank / GE Capital Retail Bank?

A. Synchrony Bank (formerly named GE Capital Retail Bank) is the issuing bank behind many well-known retailer credit cards, including Wal-Mart credit cards, the JCPenney credit card, Care Credit medical financing, and many more. (The bank was formerly part of General Electric, but was spun off into a new company named Synchrony Bank.) If you have a card issued by Synchrony Bank / GE Capital and need information on the card or need to contact the company, the links below should get you started.

1. Synchrony Bank / GE Capital Credit Card - Online Login and Bill Pay - If you already have a Synchrony Bank / GE Capital credit card, go here to log in or register online and make a bill payment, check your balance, update your account information, etc. (

2. Synchrony Bank / GE Capital Customer Service Phone Number - Go here to find the credit card customer service telephone number for your Synchrony Bank-issued credit card. (



BP Credit Card Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my BP credit card bill?

A. (NOTE: As of May 18, 2015, BP cards will be issued by Synchrony Bank instead of Chase, meaning the information below will change.) You can make your BP credit card payment online as well as by mail, by phone, or at a Chase bank branch. Check the links below to access all the options:

1. BP Credit Card Login and Bill Pay via - BP credit cards are issued in partnership with Chase, and when you click through on this link to Chase you’ll find a login area where you can sign in to your BP credit card account and make a payment online. If you don’t yet have a User ID and password to log in, you can sign up for those here. (

2. BP / Chase Credit Card Payment Options - Click through here for the mailing address for BP credit card payments as well as the Chase telephone number for payments by phone, plus other payment options. (


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Ally Demand Notes (GMAC)

Q. What can you tell me about Ally Financial Demand Notes?

A. Ally Financial Demand Notes (which were previously named GMAC Demand Notes) are an investment product in which you are basically investing to fund the debt of Ally Financial as it makes its various loans. Demand Notes can only be purchased by employees or immediate family of the Ally Financial group of companies. Ally Demand Notes generally pay a higher rate than other short term investments, but are not FDIC-insured and are thus seen as more risky by many people than products such as CDs or money market funds — but that of course is for you to decide.

See below for information on investing in Ally Financial Demand Notes as well as a few opinions about the wisdom of such an investment:

1. Ally Financial Demand Notes - Overview from the official Ally / GMAC site on this financial product available only to GM / Chrysler and Ally Financial employees and their immediate families, and a description of exactly what Demand Notes are (”an unsecured debt obligation of Ally Financial”). Get a prospectus, information on risk and safety (they are not FDIC insured), fees (there are none), how to invest, more. (


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Semi Trucks Blue Book

Q. Where can I find blue book values for a semi truck?

A. You probably already know it’s not as easy as seeing the value of a passenger car or light truck. And it’s not as free, either. The official Kelley Blue Book does not offer values for semi trucks, and the handful of companies that do offer commercial truck values charge you for the service. Below is a list of blue book style services for getting semi truck values, along with a couple of other links that might give you an idea of your truck’s value.

1. The Truck Blue Book - You can get semi truck values going back to the 1995 model year here. Use the $20 Single Vehicle Lookup to get the value of a single semi that you may be buying or selling, or choose to buy the printed book or online subscription at a higher price if you want more blue book style valuations. (

2. NADA Blue Book Commercial Truck Guides - This well-known company in the vehicle valuation business offers a number of products that can help you get your semi truck value — but only if the semi in question is from the 2000 model year or newer. You can get a one-time value estimate using the $40 Commercial Truck Guide Online Mini Pack, or you can pay for the complete Commercial Truck Guide for $120. (


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Globe Life Insurance Phone Number

Q. What is the phone number for Globe Life Insurance?

A. The toll-free customer service telephone number for Globe is 1-800-811-3927, or you can use 972-540-6542. The links below also offer other numbers and relevant Globe Life Insurance pages for customer service help:

1. Globe Life Insurance Phone Number - This link will take you to a page showing the current customer service phone number for those considering purchasing a policy from Globe Life Insurance. (


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Vanguard Account Login

Q. How do I log into my Vanguard investment account?

A. The links below should guide you to the correct login for you, depending on the type of Vanguard account you have.

1. Vanguard Personal Investors Login - If you have investment accounts with Vanguard, whether personal investing or retirement accounts, in most cases this will be your login page. Type in your username and hit the Log On button — your password will be asked for on the screen that follows. (

2. Vanguard - Request Online Account Access or Reset Username and Password - If you have forgotten your info to log in, or if you’ve never had online account access, go here to set up a new login ID and password. You will need your account number or your 401(k) plan number to register (or re-register). (


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Hoodies That Zip All The Way Up

Q. Where can I find hoodies that zip all the way up, even over the face?

A. We get this question A LOT, and it’s no wonder, because as soon as we find sources for these full zip hoodies, they all seem to sell out and then we have to go digging again. Last we looked, the dozen sites below all had zip over the face hoodies.

1. Stylin Online - Last time we checked there were about 10 over the face hoodies here, including full zip Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Transformers, Perry from Phineas & Ferb, R2D2, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Stormtrooper hoodies, Lego Ninjago, plus half mask Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle kids hoodies. The full-zip hoodies are sprinkled throughout the hoodies offered for sale, so it may take some searching around to see them all. (

2. Skeleton Hoodies That Zip All the Way at eBay - This link covers all new and used skeleton hoodies at eBay, but many zip all the way up over the face to show a full skeleton & skull mask. (



Bank of America Auto Loans

Q. How do I apply for a Bank of America auto loan online, or get more information about B of A car loans?

A. It’s fairly easy to find Bank of America auto loan info online, the only real hurdle is that Bank of America has set up their Web site so that you must identify the state in which you reside in order to get local rate information. Otherwise, piece of cake; use the links below:

1. Bank of America Auto Loans - Official Site - Click through and identify your state to get information on Bank of America auto loans specific to your location, including auto loan rates on new and used cars, RVs and boats, or an auto loan refinance or lease buyout. (

2. Bank of America Auto Loan Application - Go here for direct access to Bank of America’s online auto loan application for new or used car financing, or refinancing of a vehicle you already own. (


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Carson Pirie Scott Credit Card

Q. Where do I find information on Carson Pirie Scott credit cards? Can I apply online? Make my payment online?

A. While you can only apply for a new Carson Pirie Scott credit card in a Carson’s store, you can get information on their credit services online and also pay your Carson’s credit card bill if you’ve already got a card. Use the links below to get all of the information you need.

1. Carson Pirie Scott Credit Services - As stated above, you can only apply for a Carson’s credit card inside one of their stores, but this page offers information on the Carson Pirie Scott “Your Rewards” credit card program, as well as online bill payment, and special cardholder shopping days / deals. You can also use the Carson Pirie Scott card at any other department store within the Bon-Ton family of stores, including Bon-Ton, Bergner’s, Boston Store, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s and Younkers. By the way, once you have the card, you can use it to make purchases online. (

2. Carson Pirie Scott Credit Card Account Login and Bill Pay - Log in and pay your Carson Pirie Scott credit card bill online. In addition to bill payment, you can see your current statement, recent transaction history, account balance and other information. If you don’t yet have online access, you can register here for a login ID and password. This site is from Comenity Bank (formerly World Financial Network National Bank / WFNNB), which is the bank that actually issues the Carson’s credit card. (


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Old Navy Credit Card Payment

Q. What are my options for making my Old Navy credit card payment?

A. You can pay your Old Navy credit card online, by phone or by mail. Use the links below to use whichever method you prefer:

1. Old Navy Credit Card Login & Bill Pay - Click through to log in to your Old Navy credit card account and pay your bill online. You’ll also find a “Register” button here if you want online access but haven’t signed up previously. (NOTE: This link takes you to the Old Navy login page from Synchrony Bank (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank), the actual issuer of the Old Navy credit card.) (

2. Old Navy Credit Card Payment Mailing Address - Go here to get the mailing addresses for the Old Navy Visa as well as the Old Navy store credit card. (There is a different address for each.) (


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